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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


How to register and set up an account is easy BLogger. If your Internet connection is quite fast. You will only take about 5 to 10 minutes. The following steps - steps:

1. Log-in to Blogger
2. Find and click the menu Create Your Blog Now or Start Now. You will immediately be directed to the registration page.
3. On page Create a Blogger Account, Fill in the username, first name, last name, email address, and password. You must fill in the password twice for security and confirmation purposes. You are also asked to read the Terms and Conditions of Blogger, click the checkbox at the bottom as a sign of your approval. Then click the Sign Up button.
4. Once you have registered with the user and password as you wish, you'll get a page Create a New Blog.
5. Input a title and description of your new blog. Just be practical and not too complicated at the time of making the title and description of your blog. Later you can edit and rewrite the title.
6. Next determine your blog's name, for example http://namaanda.blogspot.com. This name is judulsekaligus a blog that will be the destination address. This address would you publish the peer to visit your blog. But if the name you choose has become the owner of another blog, you will be told to come back to find another name.
7. Now you can choose a template or skin for your blog.
8. After determining the skin, Administration page will appear. This page is a starting point of the first post of your blog. Wait for the process of writing appears samapai Your Blog Has Been Created.
9. For the first time to post, click the Start button post. Typing the title and your post. After type the post, do not forget to press the Publish Post button located below the post entry window.

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